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Welcome to the Lydey Automation Online Store

Lydey Automation is a leading distributor of Industrial Automation Technology. For over 40 years, Lydey Automation has been providing state-of-the-art automation technologies and solutions to manufacturers and integrators. Lydey Automation is your go-to partner for pneumatic, robotic and electric automation, providing the best brands for the application, our own comprehensive technical know-how to help deploy your technology faster, and the after-sale support you need to keep your factory automation running flawlessly.

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  • ABB
  • ASCO Numatics
  • Baumer
  • Fabco-Air
  • Turck
  • Red Lion
  • SolaHD (Sola Hevi-Duty)
  • Camozzi Automation
  • Compact Automation Products
  • Swivellink
  • TE Connectivity
  • Teledyne DALSA
  • Freelin-Wade
  • Advanced Illumination
  • NGT Valves
  • Computar
  • Pilz
  • Murrelektronik

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Circuit Breakers

Motor Controls & protection

Other switching & protective relays

ABB Jokab
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Safety controllers & accessories

Safety system field cabling & networking

Safety light curtains

Machine and process guarding

Door / hoods / hatches switches
Door / hoods / hatches locking
Machine guarding / fencing systems

Safety machine and process controls & signalling

Safety limit switches

Safety relays and timers

Edge, bump and presence detection

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Pneumatic Valves

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Pneumatic actuators

Guided pneumatic linear actuators / linear slides

Pneumatic grippers

Parallel grippers

Angular grippers

Pneumatic stopper cylinders

Pneumatic rotary actuators

Pneumatic clamps

Pneumatic presses

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Communication infrastructure


Controllers & Data Acquisition

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